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Cover of High-Performance Mag with "Silver Bullet" Bike, made by Christian Ulmann of Biker's Paradise, Switzerland. This bike went around the world and was featured in many magazines, including american Easy Riders. Christian mounted the AMM-IMMOGNITION in a somewhat strange position... behind the gearcase, becaues the engine had a oval-shaped nose-cone...

"Silver Bullet" was also the cover custom of EDN magazine.

Hot Bike Japan. Hiro Kawaguchi of "Old Biker" with ad and interesting tech feature of the AMM-IMMOGNITION.

In 1997 was the introduction of the "Millenium-Series AMM-IMMOGNITION", which was supplied with a 5-years warranty, somthing no other ignition manufacturer dared to do at this time. 90days was normal for electric devices back then.

5-years warranty meant: warranty into the next millenum (from the standpoint of '97) which was the reason for the term "Millenium Series".

'97 also marked the launch of the AMM-website.

So a couple of advertisings and product news were done, especially in High-Performance magazine.

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