ALTMANN MOTORCYCLE IGNITIONS - WEST GERMANY 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 1999 1998 1997 1996

2003 starts with something as fast as 236km/h. Famous german tuner Gunther Sohn of G&R and his furious Dyna TwinCam. Mikuni-48 carb, AMM-P3 ignition, 138hp (rear wheel), 186Nm. Racer is: Bianca Boehm.

Take a look at the AMM-P3's setting to see that Gunther needs only 26 degrees BTDC max. advance for his monster engine... touring-rise curve selected, rev-limit: 6000 rpm.

Swiss TwinCam chopper prototype by Sven-Cycles. Frame by Penz-Performance. Ignition: Altmann P3.

A "Fat Ass" Penz frame by Freaky-Moto. Ignition AMM - P3.

Award-winning "Predator Chopper" done by Destiny-Cycles, England. Willie G. Davidson in proximity of the good stuff. AMM-P3 ignition.

Surf Chopper by Classic Bikes. AMM-P3.

Bike-Farm's "Silver Line". Guess what: AMM - P3.

Mainhattan Bistro Parts & Bikes (Frankfurt) with a nice EVO-Chopper. Runs with AMM-IMMOGNITION.

Stephan Allgaier of AS-Industries with one of his breathtaking customs. Powered by: AMM-P3. Plus Shot from Custom-Performance-Show.

If you order a custom from G&R be shure to have strong arms BEFORE you pull throttle. AMM-P3.

"Hot Chili" done by Freaky-Moto. AMM-P3.

And then there was this Daytona award winning official Lord-of-the-Rings bike, by Thomas Langer of HD-Langer. The AMM-P3 is so small and needs so few cables to connect to, that it is very easy to a neat custom-job.

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